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About us

Playful, Unexpected, Extraordinary

Established in 2016, SUN=SEN (pronounced as SunEqualSen is an energetic and playful brand. Aesthetic and fun design is the fundamental concept of the brand. The brand hopes to use garments to spread a sense of optimism to the world.

Why so serious?

“ Why does streetwear fashion need to be solely practical ?” Ever since their first collection in 2016, the brand has been exploring more and more interesting silhouettes for streetwear fashion. SUN=SEN aims to create streetwear brand collections as haute couture with divergent cuttings and exquisite details.


The designer duos’ love putting unexpected elements into a design for fun, all the design details are strived to create innovative yet long lasting designs, unusual but breakthrough products which stays in fashion. Each collection is a brand new story. Every colours combination arouses an echo in different people's heart. The brand is using textiles and colours to create different emotions for the collections. 



                                                        The secret of our logo

                                                                                                      Our logo comes from a mix of a lion character and human being, which represents the                                                                                                                     contradiction of life. We believe contradiction create emotions. These emotions bring out                                                                                                               unexpected prettiness of art.

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