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Pink is the New Black?

Pink is the boys' color

Pink was worn all over Europe in the 1700s; it was popular for wealthy men and women and paid homage to the troops as an offshoot of the red military uniforms worn at the time. In turn, it was a masculine color representing strength and power. In ancient India and China, pink was also a color for the upper class and influential people because of the expense of dyeing the fabrics such a luxurious color for that time.

“If you go back to the 18th century, little boys and little girls of the upper classes both wore pink and blue and other colors uniformly,” said Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York. In the 18th century, during the Rococo style, pink became one of the main shades in the culture, fashion, and life of the nobility, whose daily life was filled with expensive pleasures. Pink was particularly championed by Madame de Pompadour (1721–1764), the mistress of King Louis XV of France, who wore combinations of pale blue and pink.

An article titled “Pink or Blue,” published in the trade journal The Infants’ Department in 1918, said that the generally accepted rule is pink for boys and blue for girls. The thing is that pink is a diluted red, the color of blood, war, and power, but a slightly more delicate shade. It turned out that the boy in pink symbolized youth and power. Pink became the traditional color of girls much later - after the Second World War

John Vanderbank London (Pinterest)

How to wear pink :

This season’s most stylish colour

The rich pink shade is expected to be everywhere in 2023 with the Barbiecore trend. Barbiecore has become bigger than a pop culture moment. It's a movement made by and for the girlies, balancing fierceness, playfulness and just a sprinkle of 'empty head' energy. In a world filled with bad news and burn out, Barbie girls put fun first.

Researchers at Pantone found that the color pink is being adapted more by men than it ever had been before, Eiseman said. “I think in general, the younger generation simply don’t have some of the prejudices about certain colors that perhaps the fathers and grandfathers do, who were raised with that idea that pink is only for little girls or a boy should never wear pink,” she said. It’s time to

reclaim pink from Barbie and integrate it more comfortably into the male closet. The main worry for guys is that they could look effeminate in pink, but no colour is off limits. It’s just the way you style it and the confidence with which you pull it off. So, this season, push yourself out of your comfort zone by adding some bright pops of pink to your wardrobe, we have selected some of the hottest pink styling perfect for your every occasion.

Barbie movie


Picking the wrong shade of pink can wash out your skin tone and work against your complexion. As with so much in fashion, you need to work in opposites. “For paler skin, a stronger, deeper tone works best. A pale or pastel pink, complements a post-holiday glow and darker skin. However, it does’t mean you can’t really wear a great deal of pink if you’re very light-skinned, although It may wash you out, with the right styling way, a lot of sartorial rules can be broken.

From MSGM Kewis Hamilton


Pink is always a solid deviation if you need a light color that isn’t white, and is eye-catching, to boot. But beyond looking bold, pink is a great color to have in your wardrobe. It looks dashing with both denim and khaki, it can be worn from formal working dress and shirt, to casual sportychic-wear oversize T-shirt and sweater.

It is important to understand some basic rules for color matching, how you coordinate and match different hues within your look. The Color wheel and color harmony are the two main criteria taken into account for the whole game, it sounds more complicated than it is. There are simple guidelines we have summarized. Compare with other colors, pink has no limit for color matching at all. While a whole range of hues is up for grabs, rogue tones look best alongside darker blues and browns, but can also pair with white for a striking high-summer statement.

Similar Colours (Easiest To Pair): Reds and mauve pinks. Contrasting Colours (Harder To Pair): Blue violets and yellow greens. Complementary Colours (Hardest To Pair): Blue greens. Recommended: Grey, beige and white, along with darker shades of green and blue.

Colours matching suggestion

Similar Colours (Easiest To Pair): Reds and mauve pinks. (left)

Contrasting Colours (Harder To Pair): yellow (right)

(Credit: Jacquemus) (Credit: Sveltemag)

Pink looks dashing with both denim and khaki

Pair with white for a striking high-summer statement (right)

(Credit: Hailey Bieber ) (Credit: instagram Olaf hermamdez)

Complementary Colours (Hardest To Pair): Greens Recommended: Style along with darker shades of green and blue.

(Credit: Vogueteen ) (Credit: instagram seagod.l)


The easiest way for the first trial of pink styling, can be adding a pair of pink shoes or a pink cap to a plain look. Aside from picking the right shade, wearing pink requires steely self-esteem. If you’re more of a shrinking violet, experiment with smaller, subtle pink men’s clothing pieces that are worn away from the skin such as a pocket square or a flash of pink sock. Cat Patterson’s shock pink chunky ankle boots wearing with a super-cute lace dresses give a glance of the vintage punk here. (Below right)

(Credit: Svelte Magazine ) (Credit: instagram Cat Patterson)


Streetwear is more than just a style. It is a cultural movement weaved together with fashion, music, art and pop culture. It grew from New York hip hop fashion and Californian surf culture to encompass elements of sportswear, punk, skateboarding and Japanese street fashion. As civilization progressed, clothing styles and materials evolved, reflecting societal changes and cultural influences.

Camron’s pink outfit is still one of the most influential moments in Hip hop and Fashion. While Cam was not the first Hip Hop artist to push fashion boundaries within the culture his use of the colour brought about the most attention and impact. Cams pink outfits had an immediate effect within Hip Hop culture, for example, brands such as Phat Farm began to sell and market fashion for men in the colour pink, quickly capitalizing on the moment as its popularity grew within the urban market. Artists such as Pharrell & Kanye West began to incorporate the colour into their outfits and fashion brands.

(Credit: instagram bloody sire )

Discover more pink urban streetwear clothing, from dressing up full pink sporty chic look to the oversize T-shirt styling with baggy black cargo pants, choosing pink as a signature color and generate a creative universe that blends pop culture and art. When rollerblading on the boardwalk, incorporate this hot hue in every facet of your fit with bold cycling shorts, faded oversized tees and vibrant accents on sporty trainers. Hanai’s plain jumper glances out the extra coming off her flouncy pink skirt. (right photo)

(Credit: instagram hanai_chi7997 )

Faded oversized tees and vibrant pink sporty trainers. (Below left)

Oversize pink T-shirt styling with khaki cargo pants (Below right)

(Credit: Lewis Hamilton ) (Credit: Justin Bieber)


Hot pink suiting in office

(Credit: instagram Laura eguizabal )

In 2023, barbies recommend hot pink suiting for a not-so-boring office setting. Throw your neutrals to the back of the wardrobe and invest in a good quality shirt or smart trousers to put some pep in your step as you show the world who's boss. Mix a hot pink T-shirt with a wide-leg brown suit for work or style with a softer millennial pink for an ideal counterpart. What’s if putting pink to work on rugged workwear pieces such as bombers, denim jackets and sweatshirts, it can be an easy way to guarantee you get looks down the for all the right reasons.

Putting pink to work on rugged workwear pieces such as bombers, denim jackets (below photos)

(Credit: Versace ) (Credit: Ambush)


Put on your Barbie pink windbreaker for ultimate vacay adventure vibes

(Credit: SUN = SEN)

If ever there’s a time to make a splash with pink, it’s while on holiday and adventure. Of course, while a decidedly dashing beach choice, the high skin-to-short ratio with swimwear makes getting the shade right all the more important. When it comes to dressing for the heat, you can wear some pink with cool and comfy looks. Let’s get some pink outdoor wear for the ultimate vacay vibes. And don’t forget your sun cream!

Wearing pink for the dashing beach choice (Below left)

Incorporate this hot hue with bold pink hiking shorts for your adventure (Below right)

(Credit: The pink life CA) (Credit: Free people)

Getting the right shade for the winter sports with pink

(Credit: Sun Lam)

Now, are you ready to try some pink hue for your coming fall adventurous trip


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